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A clean and healthy work environment is a must, and this is more important than ever now that we are living through a pandemic. COVID-19 changed the way we go about our daily lives, and while cleanliness was always important, we now pay more attention to this matter to help stop the spread of this virus.
A workplace is an office or area where many people gather on a daily basis, and sanitizing and disinfecting your work area regularly is a must so that you and your coworkers can relax and have peace of mind. Preventative cleaning will not only make your office more presentable, it will help it smell fresh and allow it to be welcoming to clients and employees as well.

The goal in every workplace is to reduce and eliminate the risk of transmitting the virus, and this can only happen with preventative cleaning practices. Failure to sanitize and disinfect will lead to sick employees and lower productivity, so it is something that needs to be taken seriously, especially during a pandemic. Hiring a professional cleaning company is a great way of ensuring your workspace is clean but there are things you and your staff can do in between professional cleanings to maintain a safe work space. The first step is to sanitize items that are touched often and consistently, including company phones, keyboards, pens and door handles, for example. These are items that you need to pay extra attention to because most of your staff will come into contact with them.

Wiping these surfaces down with a paper towel is not enough, and you need to use soap or detergent to eliminate germs and viruses. Disinfectant wipes are a must as these will help eliminate the threat of the virus, so use them to wipe one area at a time and throw them out before moving on to another surface. Professional cleaners will use different cleaning products and techniques to disinfect all of the surfaces around your office but using wipes in the meantime will help. You also need to pay attention to your flooring because viruses can be trapped on these surfaces, especially if you have carpeting. Vacuuming is important but steam cleaning is the most effective as it will eliminate bacteria and viruses, and this is something a professional cleaning company can do for you.

Every member of your staff must help with preventative cleaning measures because it is everyone’s health that is at risk. If we want to maintain cleanliness, everyone needs to participate, and it’s easy to contribute by sanitizing and disinfecting your work space. It is also important that everyone wash their hands with soap regularly throughout the day as this, too, will help eliminate germs that can be transferred easily.

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