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First impressions matter. They matter even more in the world of business. The appearance of your office will paint a picture of your organization in your clients’ minds. This first impression will set the tone for your present and future relationship. It’s important that your office or business is kept in the best shape, is clean, sanitary and safe for everyone at all times. Having a clean work environment is not just about making a good first impression, it also has a huge impact on your business as a whole, especially when it comes to your employees since it will affect their performance and morale.

About 15 million employees will call in sick each year, and this results in a loss of revenue because of lost productivity. Sick building also contributes to 7.7 sick days from each employee each year. These sick days cost employers $225.8 billion per year. In order to outline how important a clean working environment is, these are some factors you should consider:

Improve Mood

Having a clean environment to work in will boost the mood of your employees and result in increased productivity because they will feel more comfortable in a clean and organized space. It might even make things easier for them when it comes to working longer hours when needed because of the comfort level they get at the office or workplace.

Reduce the Amount of Sick Days Taken

Companies who maintain a clean working environment will have fewer employees calling in sick because the factors contributing to ill-health, such as germs, will not exist in a well-maintained, sanitary, and clean working environment. This means that businesses can maintain and increase their revenue by simply making sure the office is clean at all times.

Increase Morale

Having a messy and cluttered office can contribute to why your employees are eager to go home at the end of every day. An environment that is not maintained well can contribute to employees feeling like they just want to get out of there. Having an office covered in dust and grime can be a major turnoff for anybody who enters the premises. When you have a working environment that is well organized, employees will be happy to come into work and put in extra hours when needed since they feel comfortable.

Increase the Life of Equipment in the Office

Keeping your office and office equipment clean is something that can be overlooked. Not only should communal equipment, like printers, photocopiers, fax machines, be sanitized daily, but they should also be cleaned out and maintained in order to prevent breakages. This can result in a loss of efficiency and productivity. All electrical machines will need to be dusted regularly to keep clean and prevent dangerous situations like fire or other types of damage.