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Maintaining a clean workplace is important because it can have a large impact on productivity and comfort. The winter months can prove to be a cleaning challenge because of the moisture, mud, and mold that comes with cold weather. Luna Janitorial Service has some tips on how to keep your workplace clean in the winter. Read on to find out more.

Eat Away From Your Desk

There is a big temptation to stay indoors during winter and have lunch at your desk. This is not a good idea because it’s messy and distracting to people working around you. Eating at your disk means crumbs and stains everywhere, which can cause damage to keyboards, mouse, etc.


One easy way of brightening the office space over winter is getting rid of old clutter and paperwork. There are many people who keep old paperwork they don’t need lying around, and this wastes a lot of space. You can recycle these papers or store them in filing cabinets. This will help improve the look of the workspace, which has also been shown to help reduce stress levels. Getting rid of clutter will help to organize your workplace and help you work more efficiently.

Clean Your Windows

Unless you employ a cleaner, windows are very often neglected, particularly in small offices. It’s understandable: most people don’t want to go outside and clean windows in the cold. It is a good idea to have the windows cleaned during winter because the windows tend to get grubbier during these months. Grubby windows will restrict the light coming into the windows, increasing office light use and heating bills.

Clean Your Floors

You will notice dirt and mud tracking into the office during the winter. If this is not cleaned, it will result in a dirty floor and unsightly stains on the carpet. This will have a negative effect on clients’ first impressions when they walk into an office. Wooden and linoleum floors can become very slippery when wet and can pose a hazard to visitors and staff.

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