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Your office carpeting is what brings your entire building together. It looks elegant and it’s very comfortable to walk on. However, if you neglect to clean your carpets regularly, many problems can arise. To keep your carpets looking great and living a long time, read on about why you need to clean your office carpets.

A lot of foot traffic

Since people walk on it every single work day, mud, dirt, and water are likely to be buried underneath every square inch of your carpet. When enough dirt finds its way to the base of your carpet, the fibers will start to grind away and cause them to fall apart. During the winter months, to limit the amount of mud and dirt that gets into your office carpet, use walk-off mats where people can wipe their feet before entering the building.

Unwanted Smells

With the amount of foot traffic your carpet yields on a daily basis, there are sure to be unwanted outside elements that get stuck in the carpet. Along with spills of coffee, soda, and food, it could build up over time that will emit a horrible smell. By the time you notice the smell, it may be too late to properly clean the carpet to get rid of the smell. Avoid these smells by regularly cleaning your carpets!

How to clean your carpets

If you start to notice that your carpets are looking old and frail, you might think that you should replace the carpeting altogether. However, if your carpet isn’t completely destroyed, this may not be the case! All you have to do is do a deep clean of your carpets to get it back looking and smelling fresh.

At Luna Janitorial Services, we offer amazing carpet cleaning services for your office at an affordable price. The two ways that we can clean your carpets are as follows:

Dry cleaning

Most dry cleaning methods use a specialized machine along with cleaning chemicals to clean your carpets, plus remove dirt and stains. The most common method of dry cleaning office carpets is to spread a cleaning compound over the carpet and brushing it to remove the dirt. Dry cleaning is generally used to spot cleaning problem areas of your carpet, like near your front door or in break rooms.

Hot water extraction

Although it’s more labor-intensive than dry cleaning, hot water extraction is the most effective way of cleaning your office carpets. Hot water extraction, or steam cleaning as it’s commonly called, is a mix of hot water and detergent that’s sprayed onto the carpet while vacuuming up the sprayed water at the same time. The process makes any dirt and dust dislodge from the fibers of the carpet and get sucked up by the vacuum immediately.

When you hire Luna Janitorial Services to steam clean your carpets, we guarantee that your office carpets will look brand new! Give us a call today at (519)196-4208 for a free estimate.