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Cleaning your office can be a total hassle. You work long days already and on your weekends, you’d rather relax than to scramble back to your office to clean. So, of course, you end up hiring somebody to do the dirty work for you. But the choice between a cleaning company or an independent contractor isn’t so clear. Here’s why you should always go with a cleaning company.


Reliable cleaning companies are always insured and they have a brand to protect. It’s more of a partnership when you hire a cleaning company because one bad review could really mess up their operations. Also, because they only hire individuals that can be bonded and insured, you can be assured your valuables will not be stolen from your office. If something breaks, they’ll replace it free-of-cost too.

Often times when it comes to independent contractors, you need to be careful. Contractors are often uninsured and not bonded in any way. You may have even heard some horror stories regarding independent contractors and missing items or offices left in worse conditions after these contractors had done their work.


A cleaning company will have multiple staff members so that if anyone calls in sick, your office will still get cleaned. You won’t have to worry about the hassle of trying to get someone else to come in and clean your office, which can be hectic, especially if you’re about to host a client.

Independent contractors are subject to their own schedule because they make their own schedule. Family emergencies happen and if they get sick, there’s a good chance you won’t want them cleaning up your office. But in those events, there’s no back-up.


Cleaning companies ensure that whatever part of your office needs cleaning, gets cleaned properly by someone who knows what they’re doing. If you’re worried about their experience, you can go online and see what the reviews are.

For an independent contractor, you may not get the same quality of cleanliness due to the lack of experience. You also won’t be able to find reviews about them as easily due to the lack of noise surrounding them.

Specifically Trained

Cleaning companies will train their staff to do the job as close to perfect as they can. When cleaning your own office, you may go over a few spots and over time, those same spots can start to stain permanently. Cleaning companies will have all the supplies necessary for this. 

Independent contractors may not have all the tools with them. Sure, they can offer to go out and get supplies but if the job is time-sensitive, you might end up having to do it yourself. In this case, you could end up adding more to your plate and not being prepared for that family dinner

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