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There is no need to waste your or your staff’s time by cleaning the washrooms during business hours. Your staff can be hard at work helping customers and making sure that your clients have a great shopping experience. When you force your employees and staff to clean washrooms, it wastes time interacting and helping customers. Porter services are great for businesses and those who work in commercial buildings. They help keep your business clean every hour of the day; this way, you have one less thing to worry about. Porter services work to keep your employees’ space clean, and they also save you money.

The responsibilities of a porter and janitor are very similar, but precise jobs vary depending on your property needs. Besides running daily errands within the property and attending to employees’ needs, a day porter is also responsible for cleaning surfaces and common areas. Day porters won’t provide full or deep cleanings which can cover the whole building or your business. On the other hand, janitorial services are performed when traffic is low, especially when it is the end of the day.

If you choose to hire a day porter, you will improve the facility appearance; this is extremely important since first impressions matter. People do not want to be walking into your business, seeing that it is a mess and you do not care for the health and safety of your customers. Day porters will maintain building safety; they will clean up spills and stains and remove things that can cause your customers to trip. Hiring a day porter will save you tons of money; you won’t have to spend money on crews of janitors after-hours.

Day porter services will save you and your business money and time; they are great at getting jobs done and attending to your needs. Day porters are responsible and reliable, so you will never have to worry about them being unorganized. If you are looking for cleaning services or residential cleaning services in Hamilton, contact Lunas’ Janitorial.