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If you have unexpected water damage in your office, chances are it is in the bathroom. Water damage, especially when left untreated, can lead to high repair costs. It is best to have it cleaned up and taken care of as soon as possible.

Check for a damaged pipe

The moment you notice that you have a water leak, you will want to turn off your water valve so that you are not damaging anything further. If there is still water coming in though, you know that you have a broken pipe. If you have a broken pipe, then you need to call a plumber in on an emergency to get the water shut down and the pipe repaired. If you do not get the pipe repaired, then you risk causing significant water damage to your commercial building, including rot and warped floorboards.

Clean up the water

Once you have shut off the water, you need to get down to removing water from the bathroom. You need to do this as soon as you can before mould can set in. A shop vac is a great way to start water removal. Once the majority of the water is removed, and all that is left is dampness, then towels need to be used to mop up any leftover water.

The floor still needs to be dried as fast as possible, though, as not all water can be removed through these two methods. Open windows (if possible) and get fans to help dry out the rest of the water and hopefully save yourself from the headache of cleaning up future mould growth.

Sanitize your bathroom

It is a good idea, once the room is completely dried out, to do a thorough clean with a mix of bleach and water. You should clean every surface, including the floors, walls, ceiling, and fixtures. You want to thoroughly sanitize the room so that any possible mould and mildew will not take hold while your floors are still vulnerable. Using a dehumidifier for the next couple of days will help remove any lingering water.

Getting rid of mould

If you do start to see mould growth, you can treat it yourself. Make a solution of bleach and water – it should be one part bleach to three parts of water. A bleach-based cleaning spray is also acceptable. Next, with a stiff-bristled brush, you will want to scrub the mould directly. Once you have removed all the mould from the area, you need to rinse thoroughly and dry the area to prevent further growth. Always use a facemask when doing this.

If mould growth is persistent, or if you are allergic to mould or need an expert, then contact a mould removal company to get the job done.

If you need any assistance with clean up and regular maintenance clean up after the initial incident, then you need to call Luna Janitorial. Our team of cleaning professionals know how to handle any job and will keep your commercial building bathroom clean to prevent any kind of mould growth. Contact us today, and we will keep your office spic and span.