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If you have bedbugs, then you need professional help. These little critters are notoriously hard to get rid of on your own, and the longer you wait, the higher chance they have of spreading throughout your home and into the outside world (to your neighbours and workplace). Spotting bedbugs can be upsetting, but it is important to remember a few things about them before you panic. Bedbugs are not known to transmit diseases, unlike mosquitos and other insects; the real threat from bedbugs is itchy red bites that they leave and the chance that you may be allergic to their bite. Here are some facts about bedbugs and how you can identify them.

Bedbugs Don’t Care if Your House is Dirty
Unlike other insects and rodents, who are attracted to mess for both food and shelter, bedbugs do not care if your home is spotless or messy. All that bedbugs care about is that they have access to their food source, and their food source is you. Bedbugs feed off of human blood (some varieties feed off of bat blood, and others will supplement with blood from your pets) and so as long as they can get to you to feed they are fine with clear or dirty conditions.

It is Easy to Misidentify Bedbugs
Bedbugs can be very hard to spot, and most people realize they have an infestation once they start to have itchy red bites appear. If you suspect you have bedbugs, then you should contact a professional and let them determine what your pest problem is. It is worth noting that not everyone reacts the same to bedbug bites and that some people will not develop itchy red spots. If your partner or housemates are not showing signs of bedbugs but you are it is still best to call the professionals.

They Can Get into Anything
Most people think that they get bedbugs from traveling and that the lodgings they were staying at had an infestation that made it into their luggage. While this is very possible, you can also bring bedbugs into your home on second-hand furniture. Making sure to inspect new furniture is incredibly important, and if you are transporting any furniture, especially mattresses, use encasement products on them.

Cleaning Is Not Pointless
If you have bedbugs, you will need to do some cleaning. They still like a clean home as much as a dirty one, but if you clean it does give them fewer crevices to hide in. Before you get an exterminator, you will need to wash all clothes on hot in the washer, remove all books and items from bookshelves, strip your bed, and move furniture away from the walls.

Professional Cleaning Services from Luna Janitorial
If you have had bedbugs, one way to kill them and to keep them away is with steam cleaning. Steam is capable of killing bedbugs who have even burrowed deep into your furniture. The team at Luna Janitorial uses environmentally friendly cleaning methods that can help you keep your home pest free. Contact us today if you are interested in house cleaning in Hamilton or the GTA.