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Cleaning and disinfecting have always been important but with the COVID-19 pandemic, these tasks are a must and must be done regularly to prevent the spread of the virus. Contrary to what many people believe, cleaning and disinfecting are not the same, especially when it comes to commercial settings and offices.

Cleaning will help you get rid of surface dirt and germs, and you can do this by using soap and water. While cleaning helps get rid of dirt, it does not eliminate or kill germs and bacteria, which is why you need to disinfect your space as well. Disinfecting is very important because it will successfully and effectively get rid of the germs that can spread throughout your office and other areas of the building. Even if a surface looks clean, germs can be lurking there, so you need to disinfect them because while the germs may not be visible, they can be harmful. Some germs can live on surfaces for very long periods of time, so cleaning is not enough, and high touch areas must be disinfected as well.

High traffic areas require extra care and attention because this is where you will find high concentrations of germs. Kitchens, common rooms, bathrooms, and desks are all considered high traffic areas, so they need to be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly. The same is true of items that are touched often, including keyboards, doorknobs and office phones, for example. These are things that are touched often and daily by multiple people, so if they are not disinfected, germs and viruses can spread easily.

There is also a difference between sanitizing and disinfecting, and while these terms are used interchangeably, they are actually very different. Disinfectants consist of products that destroy all specific test organisms and reduce the level of bacteria, while sanitizers destroy specified test bacteria and reduce the number of microorganisms down to a safe level. Sanitizers do not kill viruses, so disinfecting your surfaces is a must.

Commercial cleaning companies offer both cleaning and disinfecting services to ensure all areas and surfaces are properly cleaned. They will use the right tools, methods and cleaning solutions to remove dirt, dust and soil while destroying germs by disinfecting your space as well. Applying both methods is a must, and disinfecting is especially important because it is the only way to destroy inactive germs and to prevent them from spreading.

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