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The COVID-19 pandemic has led to many changes in our everyday lives. Preventing the spread of this virus is a priority for everyone, and this is especially true in schools where a high number of students and staff are present every day. In order to protect everyone at the school, the proper disinfecting techniques must be applied because transmission amongst students, staff and their families is a big concern.

Cleaning and disinfecting constantly are a must as this will help prevent the spread of the virus. This is easier said than done because of the size of school buildings and the number of people inside, but the following tips can help improve your school cleaning and disinfecting methods:

Focus On High-touch Areas
Even though COVID-19 is mostly spread through the air, you can also transmit the virus by touching surfaces that have recently been exposed to it. Particles of the virus can live on surfaces, so disinfect high-touch areas at least three times a day. Doorknobs, desks, computer keyboards and faucet handles are just a few examples of the areas you need to focus on, so make sure these items are disinfected and sanitized.

Restrict Access To Certain Items
Some things like toys in elementary schools and shared laptops are very hard to clean, and simply put, it may be a better idea to restrict access to such items for the duration of the outbreak. Toys, for example, are shared and get passed on from child to child, which increases the chances of germs and viruses. It’s not practical to clean each toy after every use, so if the situation allows for it, you can put such items away until the outbreak is contained.

Train Your Custodial Staff With New COVID-19 Measures
Your full-time custodial staff likely has a ton of experience already when it comes to sanitizing and disinfecting, but this pandemic is serious, and it wouldn’t hurt to go over some new procedures. Protective equipment should be mandatory, and gloves, goggles and masks must be worn at all times. The cleaning staff should have uniforms that they can change out of at the end of their shift, and you should also implement a system for getting school tools properly cleaned.

Train The Teachers, Too
Everyone has to take part in the new cleaning procedures, so offer your teachers guidance so that they can help. They need to know which products are effective and safe so that they can sanitize properly and safely.

Use Commercial Cleaning Services In Addition To Regular School Cleanings
There is no such thing as being too clean, especially with this new virus, so supplement regular school cleanings with deep cleanings so that your school is as safe as possible. Deep cleanings are very important and will provide everyone at the school with peace of mind.

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